guest egypt

For its first edition, the MARRAKECHsFF has chosen Egypt as a guest country. What is known in the region by the Hollywood of orient, it comes with no surprise to choice of this country. 

More than a hundred years of cinema, we wanted to show first what the regions has to offer to the cinema world, we also wanted to point the similarities between our country and Egypt and give the local filmmakers an idea about what is done in the field of short movies in Egypt, as the Moroccan public knows quite well the Egyptian cinema and drama but not the short movies part.

The Egyptian selection was selected by the Palme d'Or winners (2020) Muhammad Taymour.

An Egyptian producer, director & video artist and founder of The 1st Egyptian Film Producers Club (EFPC). In 2020, his short film as a producer “I am afraid to forget your face” won the prestigious Palme d’Or award in Festival De Cannes – Short Film Competition (2020). This Palme d’Or award marks the 1st Palme d’Or award for Egypt in the festival history. Taymour’s work has been awarded in multiple venues such as the Robert Bosch Stiftung Development Award and the Special Jury Award in 9th MADATAC video festival in Madrid in Spain. He is the founder of The 1st Egyptian Film Producers Club (EFPC) which has been founded to gather all the aspiring film producers and share their experience thought the club’s activities and also the main purpose of the club is to design educational programs for the upcoming generations of film producers in Egypt.