Salma decides to tell her parents a secret. Later on, a heated discussion takes place between them.

Duration : 11.37

Release date : 2020

Country : Egypt


Mai Mustafa Ekhou Mauritanian was born in Nouakchott, she has worked as a photographer since 2011 and has contributed to international and Arab competitions and exhibitions. She entered the world of filmmaking in 2012 and worked as an actress, assistant director, director and independent director films: The End- Ishtar and Isis-The First Box- Bells-It's Not Over Yet My film Ishtar and Isis won the jury award for the 2014 Nouakchott International Film Festival And received a mention at the Arab International Film Festival in Gabes 2016 my first film won the Jury Prize Nouakchott International Film Festival 2017 my film Ajras won the Jury Prize Nouakchott International Film Festival 2018 my first film won the prize of the first place in the short films contest Arab Youth Creativity Festival Cairo 2019

Mai Mustafa Ekhou Director of Pastitsio