Honored commitments

09 May -7.30 PM

Marrakech 01/10/2022

Press release

The Marrakech Short Film Festival: Honored commitments.

The Marrakech Short Film Festival has honored its commitments for its second edition under the aegis of the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication.

An edition that marks the identity of the festival and traces the main lines of the foundation of its next editions.

The MARRAKECHsFF took place for its second edition from September 23 to 30, 2022. An edition rich in exchanges and high-level screenings in mythical places of the ocher city, in a friendly setting worthy of the hospitality of Marrakech such as Badii Palace, Cyberpark Moulay Abdesslam, Dar Cherifa…

The festival is based on a set of objectives such as outdoor cinema, support for the production of short films, the creation of a bridge between national and international filmmakers in the field of short films and the promotion of the heritage of abandoned cinemas in Marrakech.

During its closing evening, 4 prizes were awarded to young talents in the world of cinema, namely Bellarj Prize, best director for El Houssine Hnine “Charter” ,Nakhil Award: Best picture for “Ultimate Ink”, Yazid EL Kadiri, Bahja Award: Best Actress for Sana Bahaj “Charter” by El Houssine Hnine, and a Coup de coeur prize of the festival for “The Stone” Bartosz Kozera “Poland”. The winners will benefit from a support program for the production of their projects in partnership with Chaoui Production under the mentoring of producer Lamia Chraibi.

The presence of international platforms in the field of short films at the MARRAKECHsFF has enabled them to select a certain number of Moroccan short films in order to broadcast them at possible international cinematographic events.

The programming of the second edition took place around the projection of the Moroccan, international selection and the country of honor (Palestine), a conference program and Master Class over 3 days with the participation of the Moroccan director Daoud Oulad Siyed, Croatian director Antoneta Alamat Kusijanovic (Caméra d’Or Cannes Film Festival 2021 for Murina, a film produced by Martin Scorsese), Egyptian producer Muhammad Taymour (Palme d’Or Short Films Cannes 2020, a first for Egypt) upstream the MsFF in partnership with Save Cinemas in Morocco and Marrakech Green Wheels organized a bicycle tour of abandoned cinemas in Marrakech. The second edition of the MARRAKECHsFF is in partnership with: Ministère de la Jeunesse, de la Culture et de la Communication, Maroc Telecom, le Centre Cinématographique Marocain, la Direction Régionale de la Culture région Marrakech-Safi , le Centre Régional d’investissement Marrakech-Safi, l’Association le Grand Atlas, the Polish Embassy, the Italian Embassy and the Palestinian Embassy.