02 June – 6PM


As the date of the fourth edition of the MARRAKECH FILM FESTIVAL approaches (27 of September to October 2nd), the festival continues to connect the greater public with short films throughout the year. During its festival week, the MARRAKECHsFF is a meeting point for cinema professionals and its young enthusiasts under the palm trees of Marrakech, featuring outdoor screenings filled with the magic of open air, short films, and the dreams of young directors aspiring for professionalization and recognition, all in iconic locations of the ochre city such as the Palais Badii, the Moulay Abdeslam garden, and others. This year’s BEST OF program from the previous edition, a curated program of award-winning films at Cannes/Clermont Ferrant/Festival de Tanger, is screened in historic cinemas across Morocco : Renaissance/Rabat; Alcazar Tanger and Cinema Lutetia in Casablanca.
Short films from Morocco/Palestine/Greece/Poland/Egypt/Cyprus have traveled through the kingdom, being hosted in recent months at the legendary Cinéma Renaissance in Rabat and the Cinéma Alcazar in Tangier. For the next stop, the BEST OF program will be hosted at The American Arts Center, a non-profit multidisciplinary arts space founded by the American Language Center and inaugurated in March 2022.
With the motto “For a creative Casablanca with a strong independent art scene.” The American Arts Center is an obvious partner for MsFF, as we share a commitment to the promotion of culture and artistic creation.
Cinema lovers from Casablanca will have a meeting on Sunday, June 2nd, in the hall of American Arts Center with 4 short films from the previous selection of MARRAKECHsFF: from Morocco with the film “Voilà” by director Gabriel Navarro featuring the revelation of Ramadan 2024, the talented Marie-Batoul Prenant, the film “The Cell” by Basma Bekirane and, and the film “So That He’d Purify You” by Salma El Belghiti, which recounts the profound journey of a young Moroccan man through his reconciliation with death / from Poland with the film “60 Kilos Of Nothing” by director Piotr Domalewski, winner of the audience prize award at the Trieste Film Festival.
A program that the MARRAKECH SHORT FILM FESTIVAL offers you in partnership with The American Arts Center on June 2nd at 6pm.