The events of the film are taking place inside a challet, that a couple borrowed for the weekend’s holiday, this holiday will turn into hell after a crime will be committed which will turn its perpetrator to a psychopath, the film deals with a lots of themes like deception, crime, hatred, regret, schizophrenia, and revenge.

Duration : 15.01

Release date : 2021

Country : Morocco


Director and screenwriter. He began his career as a cameraman, then director of photography. Her goal is to create stunning images that transport viewers into the world of the artwork she is working on. Inspired by writing since his childhood, he combines his experience as a cinematographer with the director's experience to continue to inspire his community through his committed stories broadcast from his daily life and the environment in. He has directed short films, commercials and music videos as well as documentaries. He has won several awards at national and international festivals and continues to write his own screenplays.

Ayoub Boudadi Director of Remords