Ultimate Ink

Brahim, a calligrapher who runs an epitaph sculpture workshop, receives, in his absence, from a strange client, a paper containing information concerning a deceased who has the same name as him.

Duration : 19.04

Release date : 2020

Country : Morocco


Moroccan director and scriptwriter. He is laureate of a Master in Writing and filmmaking at ISMAC. In 2019, his Short-movie THE SWAN SONG was awarded 12 times and selected in more than 20 festivals. In 2020, his Short-movie ULTIMATE INK, was awarded 15 times and selected in more than 25 festivals. He is the director of two Tv Films for Al Aoula : IKTICHAF 2020 & CHHAL TSNITEK 2022.

Yazid El Kadiri Director of Ultimate Ink