Three friends are walking along a road.
Between one who enjoys this desert path, the other who becomes sad, and the third who gets angry,
tension builds between them, giving way to reproaches…
However, things are not that simple!


Duration : 15.44

Release date : 2022

Country : MOROCCO


A German Moroccan filmmaker and producer born in Germany in 1970, Munir Abbar spent his early life between Morocco and Germany before traveling to Asia in the early 90s and then returning to Germany to get his degree in Geo-Physical Science Studies from Karlsruhe University. Munir then created his own production companies FiftySeven Morocco and MA-FILMS, focusing on producing over 400 projects such as commercials and music videos for international and German clients. Having worked for some time as a freelance producer and director throughout the US, Morocco, and Germany, Abbar has directed commercials for leading companies such as Coca-Cola, Audi, BMW, Adidas, Nike, Fiat, Canon, Casio, MasterCard, Nedbank and Balenciaga. Abbar has also worked on several short films, whether as a producer or a director, with his most popular film being PARIS SUR MER, which won the Jury Award at the Tangier Film Festival. His 2012 short film LA CIBLE won the Best Short Film Award at the Tangier Film Festival. He also produced several short films in Germany and Morocco such as SIEBZEHN and ENTROPYA.

Munir Abbar Director of THE ROAD