The Stone

A nun who uses a wheelchair touches a common-or-garden stone in a park and is cured. In the archbishop’s eyes, the stone is far too secular an object for the Vatican to recognize the event as a miracle. The nun’s Mother Superior uses a bluff to save the day, convincing the archbishop to pass the matter to higher echelon by telling him that Saint Andrzej Bobola appeared to her and affirmed the stone’s divine origins. As bad luck would have it, the Chief Rabbi of Poland, who uses crutches, sits down on the same stone. He, too, is miraculously cured. The priests are left in no doubt. They either have a shared miracle or no miracle at all.

Duration : 25.55

Release date : 2020

Country : Poland


Born in Wrocław in 1992. Screenwriter and director. Studied at UJ Cracow. He is the winner of the TVN comedy feature screenplay competition (2014), the recipient of the first prize in Papaya Young Directors (2016) and the second prize in the 3rd National Competition for a Small Dramatic Form (2016) as well as a finalist of the 6th Script Fiesta (2017). He has sold two feature-length screenplays and written for broadcast series.

Bartosz Kosera Director of The Stone