The Scarecrow

Said is a young man forced to work as a scarecrow, He lives a routine and boring life, He and his sweetheart Zineb try to escape from their bitter reality in search of a better life, but his fear of the unknown makes him struggle with himself.


Duration : 27.40

Release date : 2024

Country : Morocco


Anas Zemati, crowned with the Grand Prize for the School Film Competition, which at the 23rd National Film Festival in Tanger. He spent a year at the Higher Institute of Audiovisual and Cinema in Rabat before graduating from BTS Audiovisuel at al laymoune high school. "Guelmim that i aspire for " is Anas first film experience, after which he directed his second work, "The Scarecrow," an adaptation of a story collection by Rashid Ben addi. Anas Zemati is currently pursuing his studies in the Department of Excellence in Film and Creative Writing at Ibn Tufail University, hoping to complete a film career.

Anas Zemati Director of The Scarecrow