54 / The Blind Turtle and the Endless Sea

A woman who cannot stop running. A mysterious man who knows everything about her life. A turtle pin. An unexpected encounter in the elevator that goes up to the 54th floor – but takes us all elsewhere

Duration : 12.45

Release date : 2020

Country : Greece


Isabella is a director and actress of Greek origin, trained in Filmmaking at the London Film Academy. She has also studied Music for eleven years and has a first degree in Medicine with a membership at the Royal College of Physicians in London. As a result, her approach to film and theatre-making is very cross-disciplinary, with a focus on the therapeutic aspect of art. Over the last three years, she has co-written and directed four devised and dance theatre projects in Athens. ''II - A Comment on Collectivity'' was presented at the National Theatre and ''The Revolution Will Not Have Wifi'' was presented at Athens' largest fringe festival, gaining the highest public vote. ''54 / The Blind Turtle and the Endless Sea'' is her first short film, for which she collaborated with a highly acclaimed crew of Greek filmmakers. Her interest in sea life led to her second short script with the temporary title ''Bycatch / The Dolphin Boy'', which recently received a production grant by one of Europe's largest environmental organisations and is currently in pre-production.

Isabella Margara Director of 54/ The Blind Turtle and the Endless Sea