Tender Threads

The routine of daily life between Radia and her mother generates an awful discomfort and becomes a major obstacle to Radia’s emotional future and her relationship with her mother. This monotony therefore causes an unexpected cleavage.

Duration : 24.43

Release date : 2021

Country : Morocco


Laureate of the Higher Institute of audiovisual and cinema professions (ISMAC). After a master's degree at the Abdelmalek Essaadi University in Tetouan, this young budding filmmaker is slowly but not without difficulty making her way into the world of the 7th art in Morocco.His film, the first, starring professionals like Jalila Tlemsci and Abdennebi Elbennioui, is the story of a girl whose mother is ill and who, while taking care of her, fights against her own desires and own desires.

Wijdane Khalid Director of Tender Threads