Amplified is an intimate portrayal of Hind, a charming young Karate athlete with a hearing

disability. After she’s subjected to a violating incident at the Karate center, Hind’s world gets distorted. The sensual narrative, accompanied by an authentic sonic experience, dives into what happens when safe spaces are shattered in the ugliest of ways. Through the eyes and ears of Hind, we sway between the tenderness and harshness of pain, the silence and the noise, and the hidden and the manifest.

Duration : 27.40

Release date : 2024

Country : Jordan/Palestine


Dina, a Jordanian/Palestinian director and producer, received the Docnomads scholarship in 2013 for a Master's Degree in Documentary Filmmaking. Her debut feature documentary, 'Tiny Souls', filmed from 2012 onwards at Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan, premiered in 2019 at CPH Dox. The film has been showcased at festivals including Sheffield Doc Fest, IDFA, DOK Leipzig, and Busan, winning the Human Rights Film Award at Dokufest and the Sunbird Award for Best Documentary Feature at the Palestine Film Festival. Dina also directed the award-winning short film 'One Minute', depicting life in Gaza during the 2014 attacks. Her latest work, 'SUKOUN/AMPLIFIED', premiered at Berlinale's generation kplus 204, receiving a Special Mention award.

Dina Naser Director of SUKOUN'