Stones In Hand

Is a surreal short film which draws on the artist’s experiences as a Palestinian Bedouin who moved from the West Bank to London and their memories of a childhood spent between weddings and intifadas (popular uprisings).

Duration : 7

Release date : 2021

Country : Palestine


Is a London-based Palestinian Bedouin actor, filmmaker, music producer, DJ and archivist from Jenin. He trained at the Freedom Theatre, Jenin and arthaus (formerly LISPA), London and Berlin, before moving to London. He collaborated with the Arcola Theatre, Young Diorama Theatre, Rich Mix, Battersea Arts Centre, Albany Theatre Deptford, Theatre Temoin, Common Wealth Theatre, The Mosaic Rooms, Alserkal Avenue, Radio Alhara? and many others, working on solo and ensemble productions, with a focus on immersive, site-specific theatre and performances which blend storytelling, spoken word, music and movement. His debut short film Stones in Hand – an experimental piece inspired by his family archive – premiered on Ma3azef earlier this year. The film was premiered as part of Open Source Collaborations between foreign body production and the albany deptford.

Momin Swaitat Filmmaker