Silent sighs

Younes lives with his father, the fisherman Idris. Younes, 28, suffers from autism, which disturbs him and isolates him in his own world, while Idris spends most of his days at sea. Idris, with his own skills and a simple upbringing, tries to care for his son using traditional methods.

Duration : 27.40

Release date : 2024

Country : Morocco


Meryem Jabbour, born in 1990 in Rabat, is a director and screenwriter. She discovered her passion for filmmaking while working as a screenwriter and assistant director on various films and series. A graduate of BIGSOFT film school, she has directed notable short films including "Wafa" (2014), "Red Light" (2019), and "Silent Sighs" (2024), earning awards at prestigious international festivals.

Meryem Jabbour Director of Silent sighs