Seminal Animals

In a dystopian future, a curfew for women is enforced after 9 p.m. due to a surge in violent assaults. Samira, a single mother, navigates the dangerous streets to reach home each night. Her son, Nabil, gets involved with a ruthless gang leader. One fateful night, Samira is stranded during the curfew, sparking a harrowing race for survival.

Duration : 31.14

Release date : 2022

Country : MOROCCO


After completing film studies in Paris, Karim worked on multiple feature films on the AD’s departement such as “Un Balcon sur la Mer” or “American Sniper”. In 2013, Karim co-founded Pixel Factory, a production company where he directed many corporate films and commercials In 2015, he won 3 prizes for Hand Maid, a micro-short film he directed : The Jury Award in the film contest « Ana-Maghribiya ». The Jury and the Audience Award in the Depict short Film contest. He then directed « The Daily Phantom » a series of cinematic live sessions which were exclusively featured on Rolling Stones magazine His last project, Seminal Animals has received a production grant from AFAC

Karim Souissi Director of Seminal Animals