Saber, the Egyptian farmer, who decided to do the contrary of what everyone is doing and stay away from the city, to work on his land that he inherited from his grandparents. Saber goes through a number of challenges to keep his land fruitful and income flowing as the world around him changes rapidly, but he still pleasantly fights for his vision.

Saber has plenty of dreams regarding his future and his family. He believes the earlier generations of his family did not care for the land well enough because they lacked the vision and ambition; therefore, he is trying to dream big and do the work it takes.

Duration : 11.45

Release date : 2021

Country : Egypt


Egyptian director and producer was born on May 13, 1996, in Cairo Studied digital filmmaking in Zat School and creative documentary with Atelier Varane institute, At the age of 19 as a young director he started making his first documentaries (Sun Sundown) 2017, When he entered his twenties, he produced and directed his second documentary (Escape from Cairo) 2019, Then he started working on different stages of production and in his twenty-fifth year, he directed his short series (Archive) 2021 by the end of this year he’s Back to work on his documentaries, as director and producer in (Persistent) Muhammed was interested in making documentaries,depends on the relation between his city and its people as the main motivation behind his documentaries. He also observes the day-to-day changes in his community and reformulate it in fictional form

Muhammed Omar Director of 60 Persistent