Mira, a Palestinian actress who lives in Beirut, decides to pursue her dream and go to Palestine. Her friend, Elias, accompanies her all the way to the borders at the South, convincing her that all she’s doing is surreal and absurd.


Duration : 27.40

Release date : 2024

Country : Lebanon


Ghina Abboud is a Lebanese filmmaker who graduated in audiovisual arts and journalism in 2013. She directed the film "Batoul, Do You See Me?" and worked as a segment and casting director before focusing on short documentaries, conceptual films, and music videos. After a brief hiatus, she co-created the award-winning "Ana Beirut '' web series in 2020. Ghina has directed five short films and is editing her feature documentary "Aarsal, Aarsh Il." She also completed a feature documentary with Al Jazeera Documentaries, "Ila Ayi Tourab Aaoud?"

Ghina Abboud Director of Permission