Nejma March 2020

Nejma, thirties, arrives from Brussels to Casablanca for a work mission. At the request of her father, she visits her grandmother whom she has not seen since the age of 12 and whom she hardly knows.

Nejma prepares to leave when an unexpected event forces the two women to confine themselves together. This cohabitation will not be without conflicts.


Duration : 15

Release date : 2022

Country : MOROCCO


Woman, Moroccan, curious, architect, mother, Leila Msefer was born in Casablanca. Passionate about cinema since a young age, Leila decided to get started only after 20 years of architecture. She obtained her diploma of realization from the School of Visual Arts, in 2015, and simultaneously enrolls in different audiovisual trainings. At the same time, she continues to work as an architect in her studio. Leila finally directed her first short film CASA MA BELLE in 2020. In 2022, his second short film Nejma Mars 2020, is released.

Msefer Leila Director of Nejma March 2020