Mr. Alligator

Mr. Alligator is a young alligator living among the human beings, he works in the schooling department in school. We’ll see how he spends the day and how he copes with his different characteristics and problems, this alligator was once known as Saad’s name, but after suffering from different identity crises, he created this character as a way to rebel and be free, since that he became this Mr. Alligator, he transformed in this free spirit who loves life and who has contributed to a healthy lifestyle for him. We will also see how he lives as a civilian in society.

Duration : 16.02

Release date : 2022

Country : Morocco


A young Moroccan Filmmaker. Studying directing at ISMAC in Rabat with the hope of making films that inspire and amuse others as well as himself.

Haytam Moukrim Director of Mr. Alligator