Homeless Love Stories

Homeless Love Stories tells the story of a group of outstanding individuals living on the streets of New York City. Along the way, each person describes their approach of love. The struggle they encounter on the streets of Manhattan is brutally evident to the viewers. Human connections are deeply needed in these circumstances, regardless of the situation.

It is the last drop of hope for a better future. No matter where you stand on homelessness and their love stories, this documentary is a must watch. This is not a story about homelessness, this is a story about love without having a home.

Duration : 19.49

Release date : 2022

Country : USA

HomeLess Love Stories Poster - Abou Taha Souha


a Moroccan-Lebanese journalist and filmmaker based in New York City and Marrakech. She holds a master degree in magazine press and photojournalism from IHECS Journalism & Communication Brussels School. She has also taken video production classes at the SAE Institute. She has worked as a journalist for several years in various media companies in different countries; this helped her gaining experience in the written press, on TV and in photography. She believes that in a world where information is in constant renewal, it is sometimes important to take time and essentially return to a slower and more lively type of journalism. A humanist vision, a particular interest in social issues and a love of travel, this leitmotif inevitably led her to explore new formats such as documentaries. In her latest project “Homeless Love Stories”, Souha invites the viewer to see the common subject with a new angle. It provokes the audience to question everything they have known, and it suggests to look at the storyline with an open mindset.

Souha Abou Taha Director of Homeless Love Stories