Evelyn, Alicia & Frida are three young Mexican women. They embrace nature as their home and use their bodies as a mirror of how they feel, they truly listen. By going inward, touching their subconsciousness, they hear generations of women being silenced through violence and trauma. The women feel a responsibility for the time we live in now. It’s time to speak up and reclaim the powers of women and nature: transformation, reconciliation & healing. 

Duration : 17.17

Release date : 2023

Country : Netherlands


(1989) is a Dutch visual artist driven to portray human and nature in its most authentic and free state of being. Through an emphatic and empowering lens her work is recognisable for its strong sense of tactility. She graduated from the Royal Art Academy in The Hague with a degree in photography (2012). Even at this early stage - traveling around the world - it was clear that Lotte was fuelled by an attraction to culture and human stories.

Lotte van Raalte Director of Guerreras