The short movie (DUST) tells israa’s story, the kid that immigrated with his conservative father and who left behind him a lot of memories with his artist sister. The sister that got enough mistreatment from her father. 20 years later, israa decided to go back home and dust off the family story

Duration : 23.12

Release date : 2020

Country : Morocco



A Film Director with 12 years of experience working primarily at producing independent films, he Possess exceptional multi-tasking abilities and adept in leading multi-functional teams to deliver high quality films. bb Lately, due to the success of many of my films in the local Festivals and the encouragements from many friends and acquaintances in the filmmaking industry, he’ve decided to take his work to the next level so he can reach a broader audience striving for a new, unique and thrilling kind of films.

Tarik Rasmi Director of Dust