Close Ties

A Polish couple on the cusp of celebrating their forty-fifth anniversary confronts still-fresh emotional wounds in this tender documentary exploration of commitment, betrayal, and forgiveness.


Duration : 18.30

Release date : 2017

Country : Poland

Close Ties short film


Zofia Kowalewska is a Polish writer-director based in Warsaw, working worldwide. She is an MA Film Directing graduate of Lodz Film School (Poland). Her work explores the decay and rebirth of intimate relationships and the intricacies of human connection. She moves freely between documentary and fiction, creating minimalist, yet powerful, character-driven dramas that offer a tender insight into the human condition. She is the director of “Close Ties” – an IDFA-winning documentary short, that was shortlisted for the Academy Awards in 2017 and has been released by the Criterion Channel. Her most recent documentary “Only the Wind” premiered at Hot Docs IFF and was recently awarded Best Documentary Film Award at TRT Film Festival in Istanbul. Her shorts were presented at the most prestigious film festivals in the world (Sundance, Palm Springs, BAFTA-qualifying Encounters FF and Aesthetica FF). She was named one of five film directors to watch by Raindance in the article “A new generation of emerging Polish talent”.

Zofia Kowalewska Director of Close Ties