Joanna returns to her home village for her father’s funeral. Later that night, a row breaks out in the family – the woman decides to fulfill her father’s dream of a secular burial, which her mother categorically refuses. Joanna, wanting to achieve her goal, begins to learn the truth about her deceased father. And with her, she discovers shocking facts about her parents’ lives.

Duration : 25.39

Release date : 2021

Country : Poland

Ceremonia - short film


He graduated from WRiTV in Katowice, where he was awarded with the scholarship for the best students. He studied Polish and European Culture at the University of Warsaw, he completed also a course for young filmmakers in Andrzej Wajda’s School. He runs film workshops for kids and teenagers, recently he’s also started dealing with commercial projects. Since 2018, a member of the Polish Filmmakers Association.

Tadeuz Kabicz Director of Ceremonia