Blue is a story where time stretches. A mother and a daughter are trying to find their place after the father leaves. They spend time idly on a metaphorical empty beach. They fight their uncertainty and longing. The image of the sea comes back rhythmically. It is a promise of freedom but also a scary different world, far from the warm sand.


Duration : 27.40

Release date : 2024

Country : Poland



Animation director. Born in 1996 in Warsaw, Poland. A graduate of Masters degree in Animation at The Polish National Film School in Łódź. Author of short films, including “Once upon a time in Israel” (2021), “Lushfulness” (2020) and “A degvil and a rascat” (2018). Her films were selected and awarded at numerous film festivals around the world. Working mostly in analog media. Her works concentrate on feminism, body, linguistics, cultures and world conflicts.

Szyma Weronika Director of Blue