Ayna is faced with an internal dilemma. Unable to truly love her partner, she discovers that the mirror of her own self-esteem is cracked. Through key moments in her life, mirrors reflect her doubts and fears. Determined to understand and repair this self-perception, Ayna embarks on an introspective journey. This short film explores her own journey to learn to truly love herself.

Duration : 27.40

Release date : 2024

Country : Morocco


Nezha Alaoui, a young director and versatile artist, explores creativity in all its forms. Actress, playwright, screenwriter, and director, her artistic journey began at the École du Jeu in Paris and at the Cours Florent. As the founder of the Moroccan Improvisation Troupe in 2016, Nezha merges her passion for theatrical improvisation with a unique artistic sensitivity, exploring cultural diversity through captivating narratives.

Nezha Alaoui Director of Ayna