And If Not Now, When?

In 1940 Marrakech was the home town of 25.000 Jews, today only about 100 remain. This essay documentary makes an intimate journey into the world of Paulette, one of the last remaining Jews and is reflecting on a universal question: where do you feel at home?


Duration : 27.40

Release date : 2022

Country : Morocco/Belgium


with a master's degree in Communication Science from Ghent University after working as a journalist and podcaster at VRT, Belgium's public broadcaster. Guy won the Belfius Press Prize twice, once for a TV report on racism and another for a podcast on human trafficking. To deepen his storytelling skills, he attended RITCS film school in Brussels. His films have been selected at festivals, and his master film 'And if not now, when?' won best script documentary at international film festivals in Leuven and Tangier.

Guy De Troyer Director of And if not now, when?