A Wedding Day

Djamal, a thirty-five year-old guy, relishes his single life during the summer in the south of France… But when he hears that his former girlfriend is getting married to someone else, it comes as a shock. H his time, the womanizer of the hood is sure : Jeanne is the one. Against the advice of his childhood friend Omar, he will try to reclaim her heart… On her wedding day !

Duration : 27.40

Release date : 2024

Country : Morocco


Achraf AJRAOUI is a french-moroccan filmmaker. He started his career as a theater actor. In 2016, he attended the ‘La Ruche’ residency of for young writers. Two years later, he self-produced his short film “LA HCHOUMA” (SHAME, in arabic). The film has been selected in more than 70 festivals in Europe, USA and Morocco and won 15 prizes including The French Television Prize of Festival Cinebanlieue and the Jury’s Grand Prize of the Urban World Film Festival. His new project A WEDDING DAY will be his first professional film.

Achraf AJRAOUI Director of A Wedding Day